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TiM S.A. is the part of the Ambra S.A. Group which is the part of the international Schloss Wachenheim AG Group but makes an independent business entity that follows its own development strategy. Due to the operational synergy and cooperation within the international group, TiM S.A. has been able to offer the best wine range from the best vineyards worldwide. The Company has always believed in modern technological solutions and offered the products of unique quality, therefore it has been able to develop its own brands tailor-made according to our customers' needs. Despite operating in the mass-market sector, based on the distribution, TiM S.A. owns a subsidiary that operates in the fine wines sector – Wine4You Ltd – that concentrates on handling HoReCa, B2B and B2C channels.

Looking the same direction

The Board:

Tomasz Jurczyk The President of the Board
Photo of The Board of TiM S.A.
Maciej Jurczyk The Vice-President of the Board
General Market and Organisation Manager
Mariusz Glenszczyk The Vice-President of the Board
General Trade and Marketing Manager
The Representative of the Board for the Quality Management
Sebastian Smietana The Member of the Board


The staff:

Almost 90% of our staff are directly involved in product processing and customer service. Concentrating on the highest quality standards with regard to our wines as well as customer service and maintaining affiliate business relations are to be observed at all levels of the Company's organisation.

The mission:

To import wine of the world to Poland and export own brands

In broader meaning our mission is to: popularise wine-drinking culture, provide wine lovers with the best possible offer of perfect value for money ratio, educate customers, promote environmental approach in everyday situations, and all this because we love wine....

The vision:

The best world wine importer in Poland and dynamic exporter to foreign markets

Therefore, in broader meaning, our vision is to: maintain our leading position within all channels of distribution and expand to foreign markets.

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