Organic Wines

GREEN TEAM is a nod to nature and another step forward in building, promoting and developing of the current ecological trend, also in winemaking.

Coming out of the shade of large urban agglomerations, we reach places with landscapes that have remained unchanged for years, where you can still feel the pounding heartbeat of Mother Earth as well as the harmony of flora and fauna. It is those places, picturesque and rich in nature, that organic farming came to like the most. There the wines from the GREEN TEAM collection are made.

Wineries from which the GREEN TEAM wines come from, located both in Europe (e.g. in France, Spain, Italy) and the New World countries (Chile, Argentina), have been subjected to a careful selection. Among a group of the best producers, the ones whose first priority is ecological practice in their business were chosen. One stood out as the definite leader of the chosen group – the Cono Sur company, a pioneer in wine production from organic farms in Chile, which has translated their efforts to take care of the green planet into a big project against global warming – Carbon Neutral® delivery. Among the GREEN TEAM producers, we will frequently encounter family businesses, cultivating the custom of growing the grapevine in accordance with a long tradition, using their bare hands, refraining from using chemical conditioners.

Each wine in the GREEN TEAM collection is signed with an organic mark put on the counter-label of the product and has a unique certificate proving the ecological origin issued by an adequate control unit for a given producer, on a regional or international level. An asset of the GREEN TEAM wine collection is an excellent relation of quality to price. The attractive price puts organic wines in a price range comparable to conventional wines widely available on the market.

GREEN TEAM wines carry a message of respect for the environment, bring to mind the need to raise awareness about the current threats and point out that there are methods of using the goods of nature without disturbing its rhythm and shape.

Remember… By choosing GREEN TEAM – you choose NATURE!

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