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One of the most precious nectars of Earth - honey - can be gained from the nature with the use of almost perfect system, which has been created owing to the knowledge of many years. What is more, honey keeps all its perfect gustatory, aromatic and curative values given by nature. Recipes of additives and spicy - herbal aromas used for production of meads have been created through decades, and its source comes from Xth century. Natural bee's honey provides a lot of amino acids, vitamins and easily assimilated carbohydrates. It considerably increases resistance of organism, intensifies toxins disposal process and regenerates tissues.

Mead influences favorably neural, immune, digestion and circulatory system. Since ages it has been found encouraging vigour and natural aphrodisiac. Mead is appreciated as aperitif or as afternoon drink, which can be perfect both for social events, and for evenings spent alone. Mead tastes delicious served hot with cinnamon and cloves and cold with ice and slice of lemon.

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