Sparkling products

Sparkling products enjoy a great and continuously growing popularity. Depending on the production method and place, sparkling products are divided into champagnes and sparkling wines. Sparkling wines are a type of wine containing significant amount of carbon dioxide produced naturally in the secondary fermentation process, called champagnization (fermentation of wine in an already closed bottle or container). Champagne (from French vin de Champagne) – is a name reserved solely for French wines made in the Champagne region, in the north-eastern part of the country. It is a unique type of sparkling wine, known throughout the world and commonly associated with celebration and luxury, produced without artificial carbonation — carbon dioxide is produced as a result of the natural process of bottle ageing. The Spanish wine Cava is based on the traditional Champagne method. Its name comes from a Catalan word meaning a cellar for storing wine. The right to use this name on the labels of their wines is given to the producers who comply to the strictly defined standards of production and ageing (at least 9 months).

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