Photo: Grape vine varietiesGrape vine varieties

Every wine-producing country has their “own” varieties of grapes, the ones it is famous for, the ones it promotes and prides itself in. These varieties are often bound to the area being a part of the historical heritage and a sign of continuous tradition of wine cultivation.

Photo: Grape vine varieties

How wine is made

Nowadays, winemakers know that the quality of wine is created in the vineyard. Therefore, they pay great attention to appropriate management and taking care of the crops.

Photo: History of wineHistory of wine

According to contemporary research, we can assume that at the end of the seventh millennium BCE, in the area of present Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, emerged the oldest forms of viticulture.

Photo: Myths About WineMyths About Wine

There are many myths, superstitions and oblique statements about wine. Let’s try to analyze some of them.

Photo: Sommelier's advice (Guide)Sommelier's advice (Guide)


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