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Family beginnings

TiM’s strategy is founded on fundamental values. Our history began as a family business and we have always cherished the idea of maintaining family values-based relationships when in pursuit of our goals. We do value the creation of friendship and trust centred relationships. We do believe in partnership, innovative solutions, and creative visions within the business environment. TiM’s product range reflects the knowledge and experience of renowned oenologists whose passion and commitment become part of every bottle of wine.

Close to nature

Our organisational DNA is based on environmental care. In 2019 the VE ECO programme was launched in order to consolidate all our environmental activities.

Business to Business

B2B stands out as TiM’s core activity. We guarantee our domestic and foreign partners are always offered a wide range of business opportunities based on professional standards, flexible approach, and trust.

Wine Library

Wine Library is TiM’s original project to deliver both educational and awareness boosting outcomes. Our project aims to design expositors, in the most professional manner, based on market analysis and our customers’ shopping habits in line with the decision tree: COLOUR-TASTE-PRICE to facilitate the decision-making process and provide the source of wine knowledge.

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