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We are all about quality, timeliness, and flexibility in our actions. Thanks to our commitment to building lasting relationships, we achieve common goals and create beneficial, long-term partnerships. Please find out what our suppliers say to confirm our reputation as a reliable business partner. We thank all the companies cooperating with TiM S.A. for their trust.

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Le Grand Noir

Le Grand Noir Winery is a pearl located in the picturesque French wine region known as Languedoc-Roussillon. It all began in 2005 when three enthusiasts of French cuisine, lifestyle, and wine dreamed of creating something different. Together with a group of young winemakers in one of the oldest regions of France, they wanted to create wines that are fascinating but also friendly to every palate. Wines that perfectly complement food but also taste great on their own. They were meant to fit every occasion - a beach party, a hamburger or an elegant meal in a Michelin-starred restaurant.

The creators of the brand, Robert Joseph, Hugh Ryman, and Kevin Shaw, decided to create a wine with a rebellious soul, breaking the classic taste of age-old French winemaking traditions, with a fresh and surprising approach known from the New World.

Le Grand Noir is diverse, with a wide range of flavors, unconventional. Sometimes it can be "le capricieux" - which means capricious, but in a positive sense of the word, or "les deux monde," combining two worlds - the world of old French traditions and a modern approach. It can also be "le guitare electrique" - electrifying in taste.

Los Haroldos

Bodega Los Haroldos is a family winery with over 80 years of tradition. Its history dates back to 1939 when Haroldo Santos Falasco, known as "Don Lolo," began selling his wines in his hometown of Chacabuco.

The Los Haroldos winery is located in the northern valley of Mendoza, in the San Martin department, and for years it has been creating wines of the highest quality with unwavering passion, continuing the founder's magnificent legacy. Over the decades, the company has grown, gaining recognition both in the domestic and international markets. Its mission is to create wines that reflect the unique characteristics of the Mendoza region's terroir, showcasing the uniqueness and richness of Argentine winemaking tradition. The Los Haroldos winery believes in combining tradition with modernity, using the latest technologies and carefully selecting the highest quality grapes.

Today, Bodega Los Haroldos is a recognizable brand known for its excellent wines that have won numerous awards and gained recognition among wine enthusiasts worldwide. Their collection includes red, white, and rosé wines that enchant with their balance, elegance, and exceptional taste.

Finca La Estacada

The family winery Finca La Estacada boasts a history of over 50 years. The picturesque vineyards stretch on slopes at an impressive altitude of nearly 900 meters above sea level.

The process of winemaking begins with the nighttime harvesting of carefully selected grapes. They are then aged for a long period in over 3,000 oak barrels, which imparts not only richness of flavour but also exceptional depth of aroma to the wine.

The winery takes pride in its collection of wines, which achieve an annual sales volume of 2.5 million bottles. Its flagship product is the Finca La Estacada brand, which represents the culmination of efforts and the first brand to leave the winery, gaining independence. Interestingly, the wine label features a charming old grapevine shrub, emphasizing the attachment to tradition.

The Finca La Estacada complex also includes a hotel and spa, providing an excellent place for relaxation and the opportunity to indulge not only in exceptional wine but also in the beauty of the landscape. The winery also strives to maintain ecological balance through the use of environmentally friendly practices, contributing to sustainable development and reducing the carbon footprint.

It is a place where passion and tradition intertwine in harmony, creating unforgettable experiences for wine lovers.

Adega Cooperativa Do Cartaxo

Founded in 1954 by a group of 22 partners, Adega Cooperativa do Cartaxo has its roots in Cartaxo, Portugal, a region with a strong tradition of vine cultivation, with historical references to the practice dating back before the 10th century. Until 1974, Adega was based in the buildings of the

former Junta Nacional do Vinho (now the IVV, or Institute of Vine and Wine). Adega do Cartaxo occupies an area of about 700 hectares and produces approximately 7 million litres of wine annually.

According to the winery's policy, the key to success lies in its people and the latest technology, enabling the production of high-quality wine. The Tejo wine region includes the Cartaxo subregion, which allows Adega do Cartaxo to label its wines as Vinho Regional and DOC do Tejo.

True, classic, and authentic, Adega do Cartaxo wines are of the highest quality and garner recognition from true wine enthusiasts.

Imako Vino

Imako Vino Winery is located in the Vardar River Valley (Povardarie wine region) in the Ovcepole wine district. It is a wine region with a century-old tradition in wine production, characterized by distinctive terroir and sunny days. Both in the vineyards and in the people, there is an inherent desire to express the best terroir and produce world-class wines. In 2002, driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of the founder, the desire to continue the family heritage in winemaking, contribute to the development of the wine industry in Macedonia, and the belief in the excellence of the land and its climate, Imako Vino Winery was established by Dr. Risto Ljubotenski.

Since its establishment in 2002, continuous growth has made Imako Vino one of the largest wineries in Macedonia, producing over 10 million litres of wine annually. With vineyards covering 650 hectares, Imako Vino produces wines from native and international grape varieties. Additionally, with new investments in a continuous two-column distillery, the product range has been expanded to include spirits and brandy.

Purcari Wineries

Purcari Winery has a rich history dating back to the 18th century. Its lands have witnessed numerous changes and the development of winemaking throughout the centuries. Thanks to favourable climatic conditions and fertile soil, Purcari vineyards have gained a worldwide reputation for producing excellent wines with a unique character.

Purcari is a true gem of Moldova, enchanting visitors with its charm, taste, and history. Its wines are a symbol of tradition and passion, conveying the extraordinary story of this region and leaving unforgettable memories in the hearts of those who visit. At the turn of the century, Château Purcari replanted 250 hectares of vineyards and installed state-of-the-art technology in the winery. As Moldova's most prestigious export, Purcari leads the international development of the country, entering over 25 markets, including the USA, Canada, the UK, Norway, the Czech Republic, China, Poland, and the Baltic countries.

In the last decade of its almost two-century-long operation, Purcari has reached the most advanced and complex stage of development. The vineyards planted in 2003 have reached maturity, greatly enhancing the quality of the grapes. Château Purcari is now more ready than ever to delight discerning palates worldwide.

How do we support our suppliers?

Building brand awareness

Creating a good wine is just the first step on the road to success. Our suppliers are well aware of this, which is why as TiM, we utilize all our marketing know-how to reach the largest possible audience of potential buyers for their wine.

Holistic marketing support

In building brand awareness, we employ both traditional solutions such as newspapers, catalogues, and online portals, as well as modern channels, including social media.

Individual approach

Each of the brands we collaborate with is different and has something absolutely unique to offer to customers. As part of our collaboration, we always strive to best understand the message of each supplier, in order to translate it into unique sales communication.

Strong trade marketing

Effective marketing actions within stores are certainly something that sets us apart. Display stands, special shelf labels, hang tags, and contests are just some of our ideas.