Can a single meeting give rise to an amazing history? Certainly! For us it was the beginning of a journey through the world of wine and a motivation to turn a family-owned business into the wine culture patron in Poland.

Our History

TiM’s history started in 1990 in Bielsko-Biała. During a business meeting, the founder Mr Jan Jurczyk, amazed by the world of wine, decided to become a part of this culture, and tie the Family endeavours with this unique beverage. Poland’s borders were slowly opening and the first CEO had a gut feeling the historical wind of change would come along with new wine drinking trends…

Passion - driven motivation

TiM has supported its development strategy on education. Since the very beginnings we have strived to share our knowledge and passion and offer wine lovers only the top-quality products made by excellent oenologists. We have been able to prove that every bottle of wine comes with a history of its maker. We have welcomed the enthusiasts in the world of Values ruled by the love for wine.

Wealth of destinations and varieties

Nowadays TiM’s range consists of 600 items from 27 different countries. Our sales performance of 12 million bottles sold annually, which translates into 10-12% market share, clearly defines our wine market positioning. The three decades of relationship building, cooperation with renowned and recognised oenologists and all-market presence make it possible for us to build the wine drinking culture throughout a wide array of consumers.

Our trip down the memory lane