What does the term Vinho Verde mean?

 Vinho Verde is a region located in the north-west of Portugal and is one of the largest and oldest wine regions in the world. "Vinho Verde" is not only used to name the region, but is also used to refer to wines that have their own specificity. Vinho Verde literally means 'green wine' (port.) and refers to the youthfulness and freshness of the wine rather than its colour.

Vinho Verde region

The Atlantic influence, mainly granitic soils, mild climate and abundant rainfall contribute to the freshness, lightness and elegance of the wines produced there. Wines produced here with a designation of origin are unique and internationally appreciated.

The Vinho Verde Wine Commission is responsible for controlling the production and certification of Vinho Verde wines by awarding them the Guarantee Seal, which ensures the quality and originality of the products. Certified wines are produced exclusively in the Vinho Verde region and are made exclusively from indigenous grape varieties, preserving the unique character of the aromas and flavours.

Vinho Verde wines

Young Vinho Verde wines are citrus or straw in colour with rich, fruity and floral aromas - depending on the grape variety from which they come. In the mouth, they are harmonious, intense and very fresh.

A perfect reflection of the spirit of the wines from this region is the Ponte Portugal Vinho Verde wine. Its straw colour with golden highlights, delicate aromas of citrus, lychee, lime tree in bloom and a mineral, fruity finish create a wonderfully refreshing wine composition. Tastes great as an aperitif, but to enhance the flavour, add mint, a slice of lemon, lime or other citrus fruit and an ice cube - a refreshing experience guaranteed!



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