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Wine means joyful get-togethers, evening unwinding, and then, above all, history, and passion as well as culture - deeply-rooted in every single one of us. Following the vineyard trail, meeting the winemakers, also emotions and feelings that accompany the opening of every bottle of wine made it possible for us to release a project that reflects the world of wine. The Wine Library concept is like a map full of tips to guide every wine lover to arrive at his/her perfect wine choice destination.

Wine Library project reflects the 30-year history of TiM. Years of knowledge and experience have been put to use in order to release a concept that intuitively and in line with the decision tree principles allows wine enthusiasts to find a product that ideally meets their needs and expectations.

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Wine purchase comes with understanding the need. Is it supposed to add to a special occasion or spice up the evening in front of a telly? Do we love wine on its own, or as an excellent pairing to delicious foods? Do we opt for sweet wines, or find the real depth of flavours in dry wines?

Perfectly designed shopping space answers the questions above and facilitates the decision-making process, hence the importance of the educational part of our project. Properly exposed shelf labelling is the key to correct wine selection decision making to guarantee comfortable and intuitive shopping. Generous range meets various preferences to provide all wine seekers an opportunity to find a product that ideally meets their needs.

Also, with our trading partners in mind, we regularly hold wine training sessions and tastings where professional sommeliers share their knowledge of wine. To date, we have held more than 2000 training sessions for over 25000 people.

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