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TiM S.A. has been operating on Polish market for over 29 years and is proud to enjoy the impressive sales of 11 million bottles annually which translates into 10-12 per cent of the market share. The existing potential has been achieved through the network of regular customers both in traditional market and modern trade as well as the company's attractive product range (over 300 items from 20 different countries worldwide) that has been developed through careful and professional selection of only the best products from famous wineries run by renowned wine-makers who have been able to develop the following brands:
Cono Sur - Viῆa Cono Sur,
Portada, PaXis - DFJ Vinhos,
Lutzville - Lutzville Vineyards,
Reserva do Paco - Paco das Cortes,
Bordeaux Ginestet - Maison Ginestet,

as well as many others including Chilean Panul, Tierra Aufera, Californian Oak View, Australian Cudgee Creek, South African Brandvlei, Spanish Calliente, Finca La Estacada, The Followers, Italian Codici, Toscana, French Le Grand Noir, Moldavian Aurvin or Kagor. Moreover, the company's portfolio boasts some splendid Honey Wines (Meads) that have been on offer from the very beginning and make a separate segment within the consolidated business as well as Polish Cider product series. What is more, we do not forget about the youngest – Trele Morele is a product dedicated specifically to our youngest consumers.

TiM S.A. is a team of committed people who share their love of wine. The company is also actively involved in wine coaching in order to prove that wine means much more than just a drink, it is, above all, a passion and a lifestyle.

TiM S.A. ExpositionThe company's consistent development has been supported by high business standards (Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001:2000 in 2003 that was developed even further in 2010 into the Integrated Quality Management System based on ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001:2008 standards). TiM S.A. has been three times awarded the 'Environment Friendly Business' prize by the European Forum of Environmental Responsibility under the patronage of The Ministry of Environment and the Super Business Gazelle prize awarded by the Chapter of the Business Pulse Magazine.

The successful domestic undertakings allowed TiM to expand its operations over to the Asian markets. We have been actively exporting our products and creating our own labels for our customers in China, South Korea, Australia, USA and Hong Kong


Enjoy your stroll along the land of wine
because we love wine… The Board and Staff of TiM S.A.

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